Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

At the end of this program, graduating students will be able to:
Demonstrate competency in analytical methods. Assess critically one’s own strengths and weaknesses concerning areas of study and future growth. Develop and conduct a scientific research project using appropriate management tools, research tools, and methods. Communicate scientific knowledge and results clearly and succinctly through oral, visual, and written formats to diverse audiences. Demonstrate collaborative, independent, and inclusive attitudes and practices integrating multidisciplinary perspectives and approaches. Demonstrate professional conduct in all aspects of individual and team-based work. Construct and implement creative solutions to problems that impact society by drawing from scientific and multidisciplinary theories, principles, and methods. Evaluate scientific questions using the knowledge and skills from the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences. Integrate Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into a scientific study with the recognition of indigenous histories, practices, and relationships.

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