BA (Hons) Business Studies

The Bachelor (Hons) Business Studies programme offers an internationally oriented and future-proof curriculum. Our students are exposed to a thoughtfully selected range of business topics that relate closely to the demands of the global economy, which includes 21st-century concerns such as digitalisation, sustainability, and ethical approaches to our real-world problems. Both classical and modern case-studies will be explored to guide our students through the evolution of business practices. Our classes are small and progression fully supported from day one.

Located in the heart of Europe, we provide our students with an opportunity to immerse themselves into the affairs of the European Union, European Parliament and other European institutions by offering them possibilities of visits to these institutions as part of the study programme. Our students also have a chance to visit the HQ of international organisations, and opt-in for an immersion programme at our satellite campus in China. This trip gives our programme the ultimate international edge.


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